Alternative Live Assosiation

Alternative Live Assosiation

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Alternative Life Association, a non-governmental organization that was established in and incorporated under the laws of Turkey, with the purpose of increasing awareness on the needs of socially and physically disadvantaged people, their integration into social life; and developing partnerships among disadvantaged groups and with the governments, local authorities and the private sector.

Ayder is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and committed to the realization of the MDGs.

AYDER aims to create alternative and innovative social projects which include education, sports, tourism and health elements for the handicapped and disadvantaged groups and thus convert this “major minority” to a productive and active society that can take part in social life independently. Since 1997, AYDER has planned and implemented several innovative solutions such as; Diving is Freedom (1997), Alternative Camp (1997), Reha Istanbul (2004), Barrier-Free Tourism (2006), and Dreams Academy (2008).


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