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Friends, chosen family, and change-making comrades:

What a year it has been.
This legislative session is unlike any other that we have experienced. We are fervently opposing bills that attack our Black and Brown siblings, reproductive rights, and collective thriving; we are supporting legislation that reflects liberation—and most importantly, each other.
While we will likely carry the legislative session through the summer due to upcoming litigation, we will also continue care-taking for each other & finding new ways to pursue healing-centered liberation. LGBTQ+, Black people, Indigenous people, Brown people, undocumented folks, youth, our elderly, and people with disabilities are our priority to protect, defend, and nurture. Whether it is legislation or within beloved community, we will carry forward our commitments to justice and empowerment.

As we pivot away from the legislature at the end of this session, we are hoping to raise the $2000 during 2021’s week-long Idaho Gives, that is needed in order to uplift Pride events across the state. However, the gifts received beyond that needed budget will go right back into the Mutual Aid Fund for community, from community, by community.


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Chelsea Gaona Lincoln