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Friends, chosen family and allies. What a year it has been.
This legislative session was unlike any other that we have seen. There were violent and discriminatory acts on the LGBTQ+ community's humanity, well being and ability to exist safely in our state in ways that were unimaginable.
We thankfully fought off one piece of bad legislation for now, but two others were pushed through with zero pause for their impact. A ban on transgender people updating their gender marker on their birth certificate and the national news making, female transgender athlete ban that disallows trans female athletes to play with their teammates.
While both will be litigated, more then ever our transgender siblings are in a vulnerable space. Our communities need support and advocates need tools on how to be the most helpful moving forward.
In addition to the heinous bills passed during legislative session, COVID19 has put undue burdens on so many who are already marginalized in our communities. LGBTQ+, Black and Indigenous people, undocumented folx, youth and our elderly and people with disabilities. That's why we started a Mutual Aid Fundraiser a month ago, to help those with financial hardships existing at these identities and their intersections.
In transparency, we are hoping to raise the $2000 during Idaho Gives, that is needed in order to attend Pride events across the state, as we always do; to connect and support our community outside the Treasure Valley. However, what gifts received beyond that needed budget will go right back into the Mutual Aid Fund as we will try to support those harmed the most amidst this pandemic.


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