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Acting It Forward

Acting It Forward

About Us

Acting It Forward is a service organization comprised of volunteer members of the local theater community who are looking to "pay it forward”. We provide theatrically-centered community service opportunities for local theater artists.

Our mission is to provide theatrical opportunities based on our wellness theater model to non-profit human services organizations for fundraising, activities, education and entertainment.

The Vision of our services:
- Provide a springboard for personal development e.g., reflection, catharsis, education, encouragement, inspiration, empathy.
- Create a shared, communal experience in the hopes of provoking discussion and illuminating issues.
- Offer a ‘safe harbor’ climate where an audience can look at issues honestly, without fear of judgment.

Our Values are based on our ACTS:
A – Altruism
C – Community
T – Theater
S – Service

We Care About

Arts and Culture
Health and Wellness

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