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Become a Volunteer for ACEing Autism

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About Become a Volunteer for ACEing Autism

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ACEing Autism is a volunteer-driven organization. We are looking for bright, energetic, sporty individuals to give one hour a week to your local community and help us teach tennis to children with ASD.
All types of volunteers are welcome, from local high school & college teams, tennis enthusiasts, special education teachers, ABA therapists, SLP’s, OT’s, and students studying at any level who posses good character & early leadership skills. It’s a chance for you as a volunteer to brush up on your tennis skills and gain valuable experience working with children on the autism spectrum. *Knowing how to play tennis is not a prerequisite to volunteering, but helps!
You will meet fellow young people and help enrich many familie’s lives through volunteering in our tennis programs, as you will soon see!
Please go to our Locations page and contact your local program director who will be delighted to hear from you! Or email us at
Be part of something big, become a hero, socialize & help others! We have over 400 heroes who volunteer for us every week in 30 cities across America!

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