Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying

Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying

About Us

We are ABODE.

We specialize in caring for people in the last three months of life who need a place to live or someone to care for them. Those who stay at ABODE are our Guests.

Though we work with most hospices in San Antonio, ABODE is not a hospice. Neither are we a nursing facility, assisted living, or care center. We are a home, and our staff and volunteers serve as extended family for people who need us.

Contemplative care is at the heart of our work. We recognize dying as a spiritual process as well as a medical one.

While the cost of care is $275 a day, there is no cost for our Guests. Some can and do contribute. Others thankfully receive the gift we are honored to give.

Website: http://www.abodehome.org

We Care About

Health and Wellness
Homelessness & Housing

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Martha Jo Atkins