A Child's Nature 2016/2017 Giving Campaign

Your support helps further our mission to surround young children with goodness, beauty, and truth through holistic care and education.

A fundraising campaign for A Child's Nature - Care and Education

Joy-Filled ~ Warm-Hearted ~ Understanding ~ Inclusive

In June 2016, A Child's Nature relocated to the Children's Village located on the Pine Hill Campus in Wilton, NH. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to serve children in such a safe, beautiful, nature-filled environment.

This move placed us in a building much better suited to the work of caring for the very young and has created many opportunities for us to expand our curriculum to include gardening with children and opportunities for extended play in nature.

Although our new building is better suited for the care of the very young, the smaller footprint has forced us to reduce the amount of children we are able to care for. This location has also doubled our operating expenses. Facing these financial challenges, we are asking community members who see the value in our work to consider donating to our program and help us raise capital to not only continue with our beautiful work, but help us build a solid foundation increasing the possibility of expanding our program in upcoming years.

Your support will continue to help us employ highly educated, experienced teachers by being able to offer livable wages and benefits. Experienced teachers are essential in providing the highest quality care for young children. Care and early education, when provide by individuals with a deep understanding and background in child development, builds a solid foundation that will support the child for the whole of their life and fully prepare the child for entering kindergarten and beyond.

Your support will help us provide high quality, organic, local food to the children we care for. Children who receive proper nutrition and high quality food function better in the world live a more balanced, healthy life. Procuring food from our local farm, growing our own food and preparing it with children teaches not only where food comes from, but provides experience in how to care for the earth. These experiences also cultivate a life-long appreciation and sense of reverence for the beauty and rhythms found in nature.

Your support will help our program reach more children and expand our efforts to offer professional development opportunities for other early childhood educators interested in learning more about how to bring our whole-child, nature-based approach infused with the principles of Waldorf Education to more children.

We believe every child deserves to be cared for with the deepest love, respect, and understanding possible. We believe all working parents, regardless of economic status, should be able to afford this type of care for their child if they so desire. Your support helps us move one step closer to making this possible - thank you for partnering with us.

Today's children will be our future leaders, teachers, law-makers, politicians, doctors, and care-takers of the earth. Help us give them the best possible beginning on their chosen path. Help us help them become the highest possible version of themselves, good world citizens and caretakers of our planet. In our opinion, this is the most important mission of our time. The world needs them now more than ever.

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About the Organization

A Child's Nature - Care and Education

A Child’s Nature provides flexible, full-day child care and education for families of diverse backgrounds. Surrounded by goodness, truth and beauty, our children achieve their full potential through daily outdoor adventures, purposeful work, artistic experiences and imaginative play with a curriculum inspired by the principles of Waldorf education. Through close personal relationships with caregivers, teachers and nature, our children grow into capable, caring individuals who can step out into the world with confidence.

Imagine a setting which so envelops children in warmth that they come to view the staff as an extension of family. This is the goal of A Child’s Nature. True human care for the infant and young child includes diligent attention to the creation of an environment which optimally suits the child’s development.

The loving warmth exuded by our staff extends to the provision of beautiful, calm classrooms with limitless opportunities for the young child to imagine, explore, and invent through play and work. Through the mastery of age-appropriate tasks which have...

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