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Exhibit: Live Fax Drawings of Bridges

Hosted by: 55 Mercer Street Artists Inc


June 17, 2014


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About Exhibit: Live Fax Drawings of Bridges

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June 17–July 5, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 19, 6–8 pm

Drawings sent by fax, displaying actively joined pictures of bridges
Image: Live fax drawing in NYC

Yosuke Ito presents Live Fax Drawings. A project that has been held in European cities since 2000 using fax machines with thermal paper rolls.

The exhibition space accepts faxes of written drawings or pictures of bridges from all over the world, where each picture connects with each other like a long bridge. The fax rolls along with the machines are displayed and they are constantly working during the exhibition time, giving the title to the project “Live Fax Drawings”. This idea comes from that art helps connecting the world. A world that is getting unstable.

Ito works in the intermedia field, by coupling low technology and high ideas. Recently, his interest is in organizing renewable materials powered by light. The dispersal of light is transferred to the circular motion of propellers powered by solar cells, suggesting the far-reaching implications regarding current global environmental issues. He was also an artistic director of the international exchange project, Puddles, an artist-run platform including more than 15 organizations between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Japan.

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