Hunger and Food Security Fund

United Against Hunger

A fundraising campaign for United Way of Tompkins County

About Our Campaign

In 2013, over 13,000 people in Tompkins County - more than 13 percent of the population – were unable to access enough food on a regular basis for a healthy, active life. United Way of Tompkins County is committed to addressing these needs through the Hunger and Food Security Fund. In partnership with diverse community organizations, United Way is responding to the increasing demand for nutrition assistance in our community. 

Every dollar donated to UWTC’s Hunger & Food Security initiative is invested in our community to help people. UWTC is supporting programs that help people meet their immediate needs through community meals and food pantries, and is supporting long-term change through initiatives to reduce barriers to accessing fresh and healthy food.  This is making a difference in our community. 

We have a wonderful community that cares about one another, and today we’re asking you to help those most in need by supporting initiatives that provide immediate and long-term solutions to eliminating hunger in our community. 

Your contribution - no matter how small - will make a difference. 

Thank you for considering a gift to the Hunger and Food Security Fund.

See the Potential

A family that relied on a rural food pantry moved toward self-sufficiency when the pantry offered gardening classes, seeds and plants. Now the family grows their own food, and reduced their visits to the food pantry. 

Nora is an elementary school student. Through a fresh fruit and vegetable snack program she receives healthy snacks during school. These locally grown fruits and vegetables give her the energy to learn, let her try new foods, and teach her healthy habits that will empower her to succeed today and into the future.

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