You Matter Too

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A fundraising campaign for Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

You Matter Too Program

Sending the gift of love and courage from our family to yours.

Three compassionate cousins who understand the life struggles for siblings
of children with a life-threatening disease, illness, or disability.

A program for children and teens to help with the feeling of loneliness
and seclusion during extended hospital stays, daily additional supports,
or continuous care their sibling requires.
Madilyn, Teighan, & Payton

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Partnered with Lucas’ Helping Hands
Advocacy Program

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About the Organization

Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund, Inc. is dedicated to helping families struggling through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

Annie's Angels helps its Angel Families by providing one-time grants, fiscal sponsorship and a variety of innovative programs. One-time grants are used for a wide range of purposes such as durable medical equipment purchases, rental assistance, and automotive repairs. Ongoing support is offered to families with long-term medical necessities in the form of fiscal sponsorship for their fundraising needs.