50th Anniversary Fund: Seeds for the Future

Our goal is $300,000—a generous donor has pledged $50,000 once we reach $250,000. Help us reach our goal today!

A fundraising campaign for Waldorf School of Lexington

The 2020-21 academic year is a milestone for the Waldorf School of Lexington. Fifty years ago, WSL first opened its doors to students in Cambridge. Since then, Waldorf has touched thousands of lives in Greater Boston.

To build on our five decades of growth, WSL has launched the 50th Anniversary Fund: Seeds for the Future. This is a special effort to strengthen and grow the school’s capacity for the months ahead, and for years to come.

A Waldorf school is like a garden. Teachers nurture and support each child in their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Over time, these young people grow and blossom into their authentic selves.

This education prepares our students and alumni to think nimbly, to imagine new possibilities, and to meet life’s challenges with courage, enthusiasm, character, and initiative. The world needs more of this right now.

Tuition does not cover all of the school's operating expenses, so we rely on donations from our families, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to help close the gap.

Our goal for the 50th Anniversary Fund is to raise $300,000 by June 30. A generous donor has already given $50,000 and has pledged another $50,000 if we can raise the remaining $200,000 from the WSL community and its circle of alumni families and friends. The donor, who has chosen to give anonymously, has offered this gift in the spirit of gratitude to honor WSL faculty and staff for their enduring commitment to our children, and especially their stepping up to go above-and-beyond during this exceptional and very challenging year.

This fundraising goal is higher than in previous years, reflecting our ongoing commitment to delivering a safe, full Waldorf education. Your support will have an immediate, across-the-board impact at the school:

  • Faculty compensation and professional development;
  • Campus improvements and Covid-related costs including weekly Covid testing, ongoing safety protocols, and new infrastructure;
  • Tuition assistance to help WSL families facing uncertain economic circumstances;
  • Program enrichment for students, including the continued development of an antiracist curriculum.


We invite you to make a 100% tax-deductible gift to the 50th Anniversary Fund today. Please consider an amount that is possible and meaningful for you. Your participation is important – no gift is too small, or too large.

By contributing to 50th Anniversary Fund, you have the opportunity to not only express your gratitude for the ways Waldorf has impacted your life, but also to offer your wishes for our future—seeds yet to be sprouted! When submitting your donation, we invite you to share an optional gratitude along with a wish for the school. Your gratitudes and wishes will be added to our community garden display that grows in the heart of the school, our Main Office, for our students, faculty and staff to see. 

Together, we can keep WSL strong during these challenging times, while continuing to provide Greater Boston with a full Waldorf education for decades to come. Thank you for your support!

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About the Organization

Waldorf School of Lexington

The Waldorf School of Lexington provides an arts-integrated academic education. We offer a curriculum rich in the humanities and sciences as well as practical and fine arts, grounded in the pedagogical principles and methods of Austrian philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner.

Cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance in our students, we strive to instill an enthusiasm for learning, skills in collaboration, and the confidence to engage in a changing world.

WSL is sited 11 miles west of Boston in historic Lexington, Massachusetts—an area rich with culture, historic significance, and natural beauty. Abutting our campus is a 185-acre nature preserve and features a sports field, several play gardens, a vegetable garden, and beehives.

For parents who want a balanced approach to educating their child in mind, body, and spirit, the Waldorf School of Lexington provides a challenging, arts-integrated curriculum in a healthy, joyful, and media-free environment.

One of over 1,200 Waldorf schools worldwide, WSL was founded in 1971 and serves 150 students from...

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