The Choco Challenge

We’re looking to raise $1000 for BluePath in recognition of Autism Awareness month.

A fundraising campaign for BluePath Service Dogs
Who? Wipe Your Paws’ very own Lacy and Ali
How? The Choco Challenge
What? Lacy and Ali are willing to eat the world’s spiciest mini chocolate bar. This chocolate bar features the unreleased Black Reaper, a pepper hotter than the Carolina Reaper.
When? We want to raise $1,000 by Monday, April 29th
Why? To help future service dogs, of course!

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About the Organization

BluePath provides autism service dogs, offering safety, companionship and opportunities for independence.

“Many times we were forced to take turns staying home or just not go out with our son because the stress of going out in public was so great. He got away from us more than once and the agony of getting to him before something tragic happened to him was more than we could bear. Receiving our autism service dog changed our lives; we have been able to participate in many activities that in the past would not have been possible.”

BluePath’s expertly trained autism service dogs unlock life’s potential.