Wilson Baseball Boosters Batting Cage Fund Drive

Please help! Our batting cages are in bad shape. Your donation will go a long way towards fulfilling our mission of baseball facility upgrades for our boys!

A fundraising campaign for Wilson Baseball Boosters

Dear friends of Wilson Area High School baseball,

Since the inception of our Wilson Baseball Boosters club in 2019 we have enjoyed massive support from our community.  As a small school with a very limited budget your support has allowed us to offer generous gifts to our baseball program.  Specifically the boosters have provided a pro level pitching machine, as well as top of the line facility upgrades namely clay rebuilds of our mound and batters boxes.  To protect our field upgrades we also donated pro level tarps for the field.

At this point we desire to continue our mission.  The program is in dire need of a new batting cages, which can double as a bullpen tunnel.  By providing the team these facilities we may stand a chance to keep up with the larger, more well funded programs in the Lehigh Valley.  This way our boys may enjoy the same chance to improve their skills as larger schools.  

The batting cage makeover will look very similar to the images provided.  YOUR SUPPORT will go a long way to fulfill this mission!  Please consider donating to our worthy cause.  We are a registered 501(c) (3) charity.

Kind regards,

Kyle Werkheiser, President

Wilson Baseball Boosters

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