William Coss Award was established by Dr. Melissa Coss Aquino, Associate Professor of English and her brother William Coss, in loving memory of their father.  The award is meant to support students who overcome obstacles and return to school later in life in honor of his having completed his HS education at 60 years of age.


About William Coss:

William Coss was a Puerto Rican born in the Bronx.  He was seventeen years old when he became a father for the first time.

He went on to overcome many obstacles and roadblocks, including substance dependence, and served as an inspiration to his four children as he continually strove to improve his life. He ultimately owned his own car stereo and alarm business on Webster Ave in the Bronx, and retired as a doorman in White Plains.

He had always hoped to return to school, but had undiagnosed learning disabilities. At 60 years of age he achieved his dream of completing his high school equivalency. A lifelong learner, an organic intellectual and Bronx boy at heart, his insistence on education for all of his children changed my life.

This scholarship was inspired by his generous heart and his desire to see others, who did not have a chance to complete school, get a chance later in life.

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