Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to help injured, sick and orphaned wildlife on their journey to release back into the wild!

A fundraising event for Wildlife Rescue League

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12:01am Monday, August 10, 2020 to 11:59pm Saturday, September 19, 2020

With more people at home during this pandemic, wildlife sightings and rescues have increased.  Calls to the Wildlife Rescue League Helpline have more than doubled from 2019, already totaling over 2100! Our rehabilitators are caring for many more animals, resulting in the need for more supplies, formula, bird seed, vegetables, nesting materials and cages. Our mission is to insure that as many animals as possible make it from rescue to release.

Since we can't race this year, we are going virtual!  Our Registrants will raise money to get animals through the stages of wildlife rescue with the goal of releasing their animals back into the wild!  Every $100 raised by a participant moves their animal closer to its release!

 1.  Helpline:  Upon finding an animal in distress, the public contacts the WRL helpline to determine what action should be taken 

2.  Rescue:  If the animal needs further care or treatment, the public contains the animal as directed by the Helpline. 

3. Veterinary Clinic:  If the animal needs medical assessment and/or treatment, the public takes it to one of WRL's partner vets.   

4.  Transport:  Once assessed and treated, a WRL volunteer transporter drives the animal to a rehabilitator for follow-up care. 

5.  Rehabilitation:  The rehabilitator, feeds, warms, cleans and cares for the animal until it is ready for release. 

6.  Release:  The animal is released back into the wild.

  You can help WRL and our Registrants get wildlife back into the wild by donating to a Registrant or by making a general donation.

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