WIBO 55th Anniversary

For more than 50 years the Workshop in Business Opportunities “WIBO” has taught more than 18,000 business owners how to grow a sustainable business

This one is for you—the kind of person who sees beyond the immediate crisis to the deeper, underlying challenges, and to the opportunities for real change that come along with “not letting a crisis go to waste.”

Even in an unprecedented pandemic, some things never change—as unemployment and poverty rates skyrocket, the people getting hit the hardest are people of color, women, disabled people, formerly incarcerated people, and residents of low-income communities.

While charitable programs are doing their best to help in the short-term, nothing reduces unemployment and poverty more effectively than nurturing successful, profitable, locally-created, small businesses by providing income and employment for the entrepreneurs, their employees, and the local businesses they buy from.

Yet, the majority of small businesses fail, and every study clearly says that isn’t due to lack of capital, and it’s certainly not from lack of effort.

Rather, failure is primarily due to a lack of business expertise.

The most powerful way to turn that around and ensure entrepreneurial success is peer-based training: providing aspiring business leaders with expertise and a  network to provide ongoing support.

That’s the battle WIBO, the first entrepreneurship program in America, first took up 55 years ago, the fight to enable low-income minority and women entrepreneurs to not just open businesses, but to succeed.

  • WIBO provides training to underserved, low-income communities, primarily through a peer-based program that enables participants to create complete, actionable business plans for their own enterprises.

  • WIBO is volunteer-driven, primarily by alumni who have created their own successful businesses.

  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, WIBO has already moved all of its programs online.

  • This year, WIBO will directly provide its program to 175 of New York-area entrepreneurs and indirectly serve 325 more in 5 cities through affiliate partners.

  • More than 65% of WIBO’s modest annual budget is covered by volunteer and in-kind support. Foundation and government support covers 15% of the remaining and 10% is covered by fees.

  • The last 10% is contributed by individuals like you. Your contribution will fill that critical gap 

This, just 55 years after our launch, is our first crowdfunding campaign, ever! Please help us make it a success so that, with your help, we will not only continue but expand, our work at this crucial time.

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About the Organization

Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. WIBO

For 50+ years, the Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO) has been
dedicated to teaching people with a passion and strong entrepreneurial spirit how to
start, operate and grow profitable businesses. Our objective is to help more people
become successful entrepreneurs; the goal is to create greater economic opportunity,
improve local communities, and change lives.

We help community-based entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their
access to knowledge, networks, and capital, and we work with them to navigate their way
to entrepreneurial success. Their success provides economic stimulus at a local level
and lays the foundation for empowered, thriving communities.

WHO WE SERVE | Our entrepreneurs are mostly people who see starting a business as an
avenue to a better life. We support mom and pop entrepreneurs in underserved communities
who seek to bring Main Street back to life while fueling their local economies and seeing their
dreams become reality.

70% of our participants identify as black or Hispanic
90% are women
80% have income below...

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