Why Not? Educational Outreach Initiative

A fundraising campaign for Poodle Paws Assistance Dogs

Our new educational outreach initiative is to help create an informed and accepting community for assistance dog teams.

Poodle Paws Assistance Dogs has been working hard in Wayne County, Pa to change the attitudes and stigma of people's experiences with assistance dog teams.

Our certified teams have been having difficulties because of the lack of education on service/assistance dogs in our area. There are people who are not disabled bringing in their pet dogs, stating to the business that they are a service dog, just so they do not have to leave their loving companion in the car.

As this seems like a harmless lie, it is truly hurting the teams who actually utilize a highly trained and certified service dog. Our certified teams are being met with hostility, due to others who have claimed their canine to be a highly trained service dog, yet they are barking, jumping on people, being a general canine companion and not a trained service dog.

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About the Organization

Poodle Paws Assistance Dogs

Poodle Paws Assistance Dogs provides comfort, security and independence for children and adults with disabilities through a loyal and unconditional partnership.