Whatever It Takes for Great Futures - 2021

A fundraising campaign for Boys & Girls Clubs of Binghamton

Try as it might, COVID was no match for the Boys & Girls Club of Binghamton this past year... 

October 2020

COVID: I'm going to shut you down for Halloween!

Club: Ha! We'll deliver Halloween goodies directly to our kids' homes!


November 2020

COVID: Good luck throwing a Thanksgiving dinner socially distanced!

Club: We'll set up every table we can find and serve our kids a delicious, home-cooked meal 

December 2020

COVID: My presence is sure to make the holiday season a total downer this year - have fun keeping the spirit alive!

Club: Oh really? I think we'll hold our first annual door decorating contest and take beautiful holiday-themed photos of our kids for their families!


May 2021

COVID: You want to involve your Club kids AND their families AND the community in a fun activity? Dream on!

Club: We'll get a giant, inflatable outdoor movie screen and hold family-friendly movie nights in our backyard for everyone to enjoy!

June 2021

COVID: I made this school year rough, there's no way your Club kids kept up with their studies!

Club: We hired certified teachers to come to the Club every week and tutor our teens. Our kids thrived during an extremely challenging year, and we celebrated with a special party to express how proud we were of their hard work, growth, and determination!



Summer 2021

COVID: I'm still here... this has GOT to be getting old for you... ready to throw in the towel yet??

Club: Actually, I think we'll take the kids on field trips to places they've never been (like Hershey Park) and then we'll engage them in outdoor activities most of them have never experienced (kayaking, swimming, hikes, etc.). Back at the Club, we'll do some seasonal crafts with them and have our Club teen artist, Lydie, teach a painting class for her fellow Club members.


October 2021

COVID: Well, looks like you've been giving it all you’ve got. I've got some more work to do, but why don't you take a break.

Club: No, I think we'll throw a Halloween party, complete with a trunk-or-treat, for our kids and take our teens on field trips to scary attractions they wouldn’t get to experience without us.



The Boys & Girls Club of Binghamton never gave up, and our Club kids got to see who we are when obstacles get in our way. While COVID has been difficult, it has given us an opportunity to demonstrate good character, teamwork, resilience, and love to our Club family.

Club: COVID, thank you for the great gift. Our bond with our Club kids… the trust they have in us... it's never been stronger. More than ever, they know we really care about them and we’re here for them no matter what.

COVID: How are you possibly helping kids feel safe and secure when I’m around?! Now they’re going to have more confidence, and focus better, and feel empowered to achieve their goals, and make the world a better place! Are they going to have more of an impact than me??? Noooooooo!!!!!


We couldn't have done it without you. When we were unable to hold our in-person fundraisers last year, you stepped up and gave generously to support us. The tutors? The field trips? The craft supplies? The transportation? It was all possible because of you. 


When times get hard, we'll never let you down because we'll never let our kids down. 


I hope you'll continue your commitment this year to our Whatever it Takes for Great Futures 2021 campaign. This fundraiser is critical to the Club and ends December 31st. 


Thank you for believing in the Club and helping us do whatever it takes to ensure great futures for our kids.



Ben Bergman

Board President

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