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A fundraising campaign for Westchester Library System

Why Support Westchester Library System?

If you ever wondered what a library system does, wonder no more. Take a few minutes to view our video and you will get an idea of how WLS' work impacts every public library in Westchester. 

Remember: A strong cooperative library system empowers all Westchester libraries to inform, enrich and engage our communities, making them stronger and more vibrant. 

Your gift supports ongoing efforts to insure access to quality library services, technology and information services for ALL who live, work and go to school in Westchester. Your gift insures that Westchester will maintain its place as the Intellectual Capital of New York for years to come.  

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About the Organization

Westchester Library System

Westchester Library System (WLS) collaborates with the 38 libraries in Westchester County to provide access to resources and services and to enhance and support library service for the more than 940,000 residents. We are one of New York State’s 23 public library systems which were established in 1958 by State Education Law.