Your Mile Makes A Difference

Virtual Walk-A-Thon supporting senior draft horses.

A fundraising event for Draft Gratitude

Event Information

Saturday, November 07, 2020 from 10:00am - 12:00pm

Welcome To The Team!!!

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Thank you for stepping up to help unwanted draft horses.  We are raising money to cover the care of senior working horses during the coldest months of the year!  

These horses have worked in harnesses for years.  They have made countless trips around fields, pulling equipment for days and days. They have not had an easy life.

With your help, we are able to give these horses the special care that they need.  We keep their stomachs full, their overworked bodies as comfortable as possible, and give them a safe place to retire.

(Sophia, blind Belgian mare.)

If you are walking with us, or if you are supporting someone walking with us,  take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back.

Your help is a big deal and is deeply appreciated!

As we roll into winter, we will have up to 15 senior working horses in our care.  Each one with a different personality, each one with specific needs, and each one with significant expenses. 

(Jetstar, Big Ben, and Beau)

How Do You Participate?

Walk Dates:  November 1st - November 7th 2020

Register Today For FREE:  Join us for the walk by clicking "Register" at the top of the page.  Your own personal campaign page will be created for you. Encourage friends and family to join you. Remember, it's a virtual event, so people nationwide can participate.

Fundraise:  Raise money to help draft horses using social media, email, and photos to share how and why you are supporting the big guys.  Your passion will inspire others! 

(Pro Tip: A super fun goal would be raising $270 which represents the cost of taking care of the whole herd for one day!)

Win Prizes:  Door prizes, category prizes, state prizes, and more!

Did someone say prizes?  Here are the categories:

  • Participant who walked the furthest away from our barn.
  • Oldest participant.
  • Youngest participant.
  • Best costume. (Of course you can wear a costume!)
  • Cutest animal/pet walking partner.

Complete Your Walk:  You can walk anytime from November 1 to November 7.  You can walk inside or outside, in the city, or on the farm.   Whether you walk one block or three miles, you'll be helping to raise awareness and critical funds for draft horses in need.

Be Together Virtually:  Take selfies, share photos, ask questions, and enjoy being together virtually.  We encourage you to use #DGwalk2020 on your photos and posts! 

On Saturday, November 7th, we will be wrapping up the walk and celebrating your accomplishments on our Facebook Page.

Now, we have another goal to meet... 

We are looking for a walker to participate from ALL 50 states.  Let us know what state you will represent, email us at

(Pro Tip:  The first person to register from each state wins a prize!)

Ok... Last But Not Least:

  • Do you need help with your campaign?
  • Are you a paper person?
  • Do you have a question?

Let us know what you need and how we can help!


Call or Text:  603-762-3266

~ Thank you! ~

Take a peek at the seniors horses that you are walking for:


October 28, 2020

Our girl Bertina!!!!

Bertina joined us a few weeks ago! She is being treated for an infection that has caused vision damage to her left eye.  She also has severe ringbone arthritis in her right hind.  

Our goal is get Bertina as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Thank you for helping her!

Welcome Bill!

October 16, 2020


Introducing Bill!  

Bill is one of our newest residents!  He is a senior Belgian gelding.  He is thin and was having a hard time keeping up with the pace of younger horses.  Bill needs lots of groceries, vaccines, his teeth floated, his legs cleaned up, and more.  Thanks to you, we are able to help him out.  <3

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