Vietnam Vet, William, Needs Help

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A fundraising campaign for Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Goal - Annie's Angels is working with Team Home Depot of the Home Depot Foundation to help a local Vietnam Veteran, William. Through a grant from The Home depot Foundation and volunteerism through Team Home Depot and Annie's Angels we are making the remodel happen but we need some help from you!

Annie's Angels is raising $5,000.00 for additional expenses while Team Home Depot supports William through this massive remodel to make his home handicap accessible. To be clear, funds raised here will go directly to help William and his wife Barbara thanks to the grant by the Home Depot Foundation. 

A Little Back Ground - William suffered an injury to his head on April 30, 2017 and was hospitalized for head trauma. He is now at a rehab center in Haverhill MA. His rehab has ended but he cannot come home because remodeling needs to be done to enable him to use his wheelchair and walker. The family does not have the funds to support this.

William has not seen his home since April 30, 2017. Please help us bring him home to a full functional, fully accessible home.

On behalf of Annie's Angels, The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot, thank you!

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About the Organization

Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund, Inc. is dedicated to helping families struggling through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

Annie's Angels helps its Angel Families by providing one-time grants, fiscal sponsorship and a variety of innovative programs. One-time grants are used for a wide range of purposes such as durable medical equipment purchases, rental assistance, and automotive repairs. Ongoing support is offered to families with long-term medical necessities in the form of fiscal sponsorship for their fundraising needs.