Vicky George Memorial Walkathon

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A fundraising campaign for BalanceSCC

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About the Organization

BalanceSCC enriches the lives of people with unique needs through compassionate care solutions, collaborative giving, and community.

Compassionate Care Solutions:
BalanceSCC partners with schools and families to provide flexible person-centered care solutions to people with disabilities in classrooms, after school programs, and homes. We offer flexible scheduling and coordinate coverage for absences, relieving the burden of care logistics from schools and families and, most importantly, we work to ensure our care givers are the right fit personally and professionally with the clients they serve.

Collaborative Giving:
BalanceSCC facilitates giving from community members to classrooms and donates free training directly to schools. Our giving combats the inadequate resources for students with disabilities and empowers teachers to innovate in their classrooms.
The BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program:
Every year in the fall BalanceSCC accepts applications directly from teachers and service providers for the supplies they need - but cannot afford - to support...

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