Uplift Cancer Patients During COVID-19

Bring joy & ease the financial burden for 30 families facing both cancer and the impact of COVID-19

A fundraising campaign for The Andrew Weishar Foundation

During today's medical and economic crisis, help us bring much needed joy and financial relief to patients and families battling cancer.

We're on a mission to directly uplift 30 families with adolescents or young adults battling cancer during today's COVID-19 crisis. We're delivering $5,000 financial grants directly to new beneficiaries and meeting with them virtually! Our mission is simple - bring joy, ease the burden, and ensure these patients know they're not alone in this fight.

These families need us now more than ever and there’s a few specific reasons why: 

  • Added Financial Burden: Cancer brings a staggering financial toll - today's economic uncertainty adds to this burden
  • Loss of Income: The common inability to work through treatment is now often coupled with job loss during today's COVID shut-downs
  • Heightened Medical Risk: With weakened immune systems, cancer patients were already at extreme health risk before COVID came into the picture

Today’s medical and economic climate is a big deal for all of us, but these struggles for the families we serve surely put all of this into perspective. 

The best part?! You see where your donations go!

Each week we highlight a beneficiary benefiting from your generosity. Watch our first ever virtual visit and meet Bianca! (Click here!) Bianca is 24 years old battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Due to COVID, she is unable to receive a paycheck from her employer, and due to her high-risk immune system, she is unable to apply for other work. Despite the struggles, she smiles and lives every day as a gift. These are the difficult circumstances we are seeking to make easier for many families. This is possible thanks to you!

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Watch some highlights from our recent virtual visits!

Uplifting families battling cancer through COVID-19!

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About the Organization

The Andrew Weishar Foundation

MISSION: To bring joy and direct financial assistance to families with adolescents or young adults battling cancer. It’s simple - we raise as much money as possible and gift it to these deserving patients. These families face some of the most difficult moments of their lives as they fight this disease. We are dedicated to offering acts of kindness and generosity, easing the financial burden, and ensuring they know they're not alone in this fight.

IMPACT: Since inception, just seven years ago, Weish4Ever has welcomed 230 beneficiary families to the Weish4Ever Community, granting out $1.3 million in financial support.

ABOUT: The Andrew Weishar Foundation was created in 2013 as a 100% volunteer-led, Chicago-based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. The charity was established to honor the memory of Andrew Weishar. In 2012, Andrew passed away at the age of 21 after a three-year battle with cancer. In his final days, Andrew had one simple and selfless request: “Pay forward” the kindness and generosity shown to his family during that fight.