University Blooms

Bringing beauty to every corner of our community

A fundraising campaign for University Heights Tool Library

University Blooms is a partnership of community groups using gardening as a tool to improve and beautify public gardens, parks, and green spaces across University District through direct service and gardening workshops. Annual bulb plantings, community gardening days, and park cleanups engage volunteers in improving their environment to reduce blight and improve public health.

To date, over 2,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted in Linear Park, LaSalle Triangle Park, Winspear Tyler Triangle, Tyler Street Community Garden, Westminster Triangle Park, and the North Buffalo Trail Rail. Several hundred tulip bulbs have been planted in front of the mural at Bailey and Stockbridge Avenues as well as the Winspear Tyler  and Westminster Triangles. 

About the Organization

University Heights Tool Library

The mission of the University Heights Tool Library is to provide communities with the tools they need to create the change they want.

The Tool Library accomplishes its mission through the work of its members and the partnerships it builds with block clubs, community nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions, and local government. A membership to the tool library gives individuals and groups access to an inventory of thousands of tools for one small annual fee. Sharing resources in this way allows communities to build wealth by lowering costs typically associated with community development projects. From planting trees and building community gardens to fighting blight with public art and reclaiming public green spaces, the Tool Library provides citizens with a platform to improve the world around them.