Lucky Orphans would like to introduce you to Tug-A-War aka Tugs.

Tugs is a 1998 paint pony mare. She moved to LOHR in 2003. She was found in Patterson, NY tacked up and tied to a post, with Cadbury. The two mares had no barn, shade or water. All they had was the post they were tied to and each other. When we removed her tack we found open girth and saddle sores with maggots.

Today, Tugs never has to worry about running out of water or food again. She is cared for with the very best care and yes, we rescued Cadbury too to keep them together.

Tugs she is a child favorite due to her size and temperament. Despite all she has been through, she is extremely sweet and gentle. She is a testament to how forgiving horses can be. Although she is in great health, she needs a little help to keep her that way. Tugs suffers from fecal water syndrome and requires frequent washing and probiotics for gut health.

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