Transforming Lives Year-end Campaign 2021

Change, Equality, Opportunities

The Chicago Center for Arts and Technology (CHICAT) kicked off its Transforming Lives Year-end Campaign by raising $7,221 on Giving Tuesday.

We still need to raise an additional $7,779 to reach our goal of $15,000. Can we count on your support?

CHICAT focuses on addressing unequal access to opportunities to discover, explore, and learn through arts and technology for low-income people of color. We aim to reach and teach individuals who experience barriers to educational advancement and/or sustainable, livable wage employment.

Here is an example of how your donation can make an impact:

After graduating from high school, Bryan was struggling to secure gainful employment and determining what type of career he wanted to pursue. He realized that he really enjoyed electronics. But he knew he needed some training, so he attended a local trade school.

Upon completing the course work, Bryan, began to seek employment in his new field but unfortunately, he was not able to find a job. He was told countless times that he did not have any experience or certifications. At this point Bryan was very frustrated and began to wonder if he would ever be able to get a fulltime job and start a lifelong career.

One evening, Bryan was viewing his high school alumni page and saw a post about CHICAT’s job training and placement program. He immediately contacted CHICAT and enrolled in their Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical Maintenance Course. Bryan completed the course and passed his MSSC Manufacturing Processes and Production Certification!

Shortly after these great accomplishments, CHICAT began to help Bryan find a full-time job with benefits in his new chosen field. He recently secured an entry level position with benefits at Amazon/Cushman & Wakefield!!

“CHICAT’s training and my instructor helped me in my ability to be punctual, be safe on the job, be knowledgeable about PPE/PLC and gain hands on experience and secure a job in my new career, thank you CHICAT!” – Bryan.

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