Tiz He The One

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A fundraising campaign for Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, Inc.

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue would like to introduce you to Tiz He The One!

Tiz is a Kentucky bred Thoroughbred born on March 20, 2014 who came to Lucky Orphans in June 2021, and is one of our most recent herd members. You cannot help but look at this handsome guy and just be impressed. He is tall, handsome and has the nicest disposition. Tiz came to us at the end of his racing career, but his new career has already started. He is being integrated into our therapy program here at Lucky Orphans. We are so proud to have Therapy Thoroughbreds. This is so important not only for our human clients, and also for education of the usefulness of Thoroughbreds after their race career in an unexpected arena. 

Tiz is friendly and social and loves people. He is also very playful and our property manager is teaching him to play frisbee. We are so happy to have Tiz in our herd and can't wait to see how he develops with his new career. 

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