Tina Needs a New Tank!

Tina, the library's 26-year-old turtle mascot, is beloved by many. Last year, Tina got sick and we found out she needs more space. Help us keep Tina healthy.

A fundraising campaign for Katonah Village Library

Many years ago, our librarian opened the front door to find that someone had left a turtle in a box at the library’s entrance. We adopted “Tina” and she has been a beloved ambassador of the Katonah Village Library ever since, delighting the tiniest of readers. Several generations of young readers have grown up with Tina, and she is a member of our library family.

Last year, Tina got sick. She developed a stubborn infection on her shell that was resistant to treatment. Our Children’s Librarians faithfully followed a regime of giving Tina needed injections, iodine baths and time in our sunny garden. Slowly, with a lot of care, Tina improved. But in the process of helping her get healthy, we learned a lot about her needs. Tina is at mid-life, and she needs a new living environment: More time in the sun, more space, and the ability to “dry dock” are all things we need to provide for her so that she can be healthy and happy. We have been working with Teatown Lake Nature Preserve to learn all we can about the ideal living environment for river cooter turtles like Tina. Tina needs a new tank, tank stand--and depending upon the money we raise--a stock tank and enclosure, so Tina can go outside on warm days. 

The library needs financial help meeting Tina’s needs. We estimate the cost of a new living environment will be approximately $5000, which is a tremendous expense for our small library. Your assistance in caring for Tina would be much appreciated! 


Tina the Turtle and the new tank!

October 26, 2018

Due to your generosity, we were able to purchase a larger tank, base, and new filtration system for Tina the turtle. She is loving it. (See photos.) Thank yo so much for supporting Tina and the Library. 

Tina Says Thanks!!

August 22, 2018

Over 100 donors have helped make Tina's dreams come true!

We are very grateful for the generosity of this community, and so touched by all of the stories we've heard about what Tina and the Children's Room have meant to you.


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