Through Their Eyes

A 24 hour shared kennel experience

A fundraising campaign for Meridian Canine Rescue

Slumber Party at Meridian Canine Rescue!

It’s that time again! The humans at Meridian Canine Rescue are delighted to announce their fifth Through Their Eyes event. First held in July 2017, this event is a unique showcase for the dogs and people at MCR. For a full 24 hours, volunteers and staff live inside of the kennels with select dogs who are waiting to be adopted. The event begins on Friday, July 26th at 6:00 pm. 

This time around, humans are teaming up with our long-term residents -- dogs who have been overlooked so far by adopters and who need a little extra help to find their homes. We will highlight each dog's individual likes and needs, and during the event, their kennels will be set up as their ideal home.

Volunteers Angela, Jennifer, and Yasmina have signed on. Staff member Logan is game. And Alex from Shadow's Paw Wash is joining us! Click below for team details.

See a dog you like? Read all about him or her at and stop by during our open hours to say hello. If you feel like you can provide the dog's dream (forever) home, we'd love to finalize an adoption! If not, consider making a donation to support our Adoption Program so that our dogs can continue to receive the best possible care while we actively work to find their homes.

Follow your favorite dogs (and humans!) on MCR's Facebook and Instagram pages. We will feature the dogs' stories leading up to the event, and you can tune in starting on Friday, July 26th at 6 pm to see how the teams are faring during their sleepover. MCR posts updates throughout the night and the following day, so be sure to share our #ThroughTheirEyes posts and help your favorite dog find a home.

Volunteer Testimonial

Maria has been an integral member of the MCR team since 2017. A committee member, skilled handler, and passionate advocate, Maria is committed to our mission and uses her time and skills to help the dogs in our care each week. Earlier this year, she and her husband adopted one of our long-term residents, Ruby, who been in our program for 547 days before adoption. Maria shares her perspective below.

I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember.  Volunteering at MCR - for almost two years now - has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  I have been lucky to have participated in three Through Their Eyes events since becoming a volunteer.  So blessed to have shared this event with three amazing pups - Sky, Roko and Max. The experience is one I will never forget.

From the moment you step into the run with your pup, you begin to realize how different everything seems.  The smells, the sounds, the people around you working hard to take care of our dogs. It does not take long to realize how acutely aware the dogs are of everything happening around them.   It is not hard to imagine how easy it could be to be overcome by sensory overload.  

The best part of Through Their Eyes happens when the lights go down at night.  When it becomes just you and your pup sharing the small run. Soon you realize how precious quiet moments are.  If you are lucky you get to share the bed and snuggle. Such an amazing feeling to see your pup relax and get a moment of uninterrupted rest next to you.  They seem so grateful to have the company and the love. 

Through Their Eyes has allowed me to experience first hand the world our pups live in while in our care.  It has helped me realize how dependent the successful outcome of their story is on the availability of the resources - both human and financial - needed to maintain their quality of life until they find their forever homes.

Saturday evening update from Meridian Canine Rescue

July 27, 2019

Well, the humans have left the kennels...

Thank you all for helping our teams today. This #ThroughTheirEyes event gathered a lot of attention and support from our community, and we are all very appreciative of your time and your generous gifts.

We have not yet found forever homes for these 5 dogs, but we're confident that their families will see the stories being shared this weekend and will come to adopt them very soon. Cross your paws for Tink, Mae, Buddy Boy, Russell, and South.

And be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the final updates from this campaign.

Thanks again,

MCR Humans

Friday night update!

July 27, 2019

Hello, friends!

Our #ThroughTheirEyes event has begun! As the official spokescanine for this evening, it's my job to tell you just how awesome everything has been going since the humans joined us in the kennels at 6 pm.

First, we got to do an interview. We're going to be on TV! That means we're going to be famous!

Second, Owyn and Duchess offered a rousing bedtime serenade for all of us. (Tink snored through the whole thing.)

Third, the humans made our kennels all nice and cozy. My kennel has movie posters in it because my partner, Angela, and I simply adore movie night.

Fourth, lots of people have been asking about me, Russell, Mae, Buddy Boy, and Tink. I think that means someone might adopt me tomorrow. What do you think?

Fifth, we've raised money for our Adoption Program! $665 to be exact. And that's all thanks to you

We're grateful for every dollar you sent our way, for every post you shared, and for every moment you spent thinking of us. I just know this campaign is going to be a huge success because people like you care about dogs like me.

With a full heart and a wiggly butt,


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