The Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Nu Scholarship

Seek the Noblest

A fundraising campaign for Lock Haven University
In 2019, Lock Haven University established the Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Nu Scholarship. Over the past two years, ZTA sisters have shown their generosity by contributing nearly $10,000 to the Zeta Nu Scholarship Fund.
But we still need your help.
The Zeta Nu Scholarship will be awarded for the first time in 2021, with $500 going to an exemplary ZTA student at Lock Haven University. Our goal before the first award is issued is to reach an endowment level of $16,667. Reaching this goal will make the scholarship self sustaining, meaning the $500 scholarship will be awarded annually in the form of interest accrued on the balance in the fund, thus living in perpetuity with the funds never dipping below the endowment level. In order to reach our goal, we are aiming to raise $7,000 by June 30, 2021. No amount that you contribute is too little; every dollar will make a difference (plus all donations are tax deductible). ZLAM and HAVEN PROUD!

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