The Power Of Listening

We're the shelter from the storm that people seek when they need someone to talk to. There's a healing power in knowing you're really being listened to.

A fundraising campaign for Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service

There’s a healing power in telling your story to someone with the skills to really hear it and listen. It's transformative to have your concerns or your pain acknowledged in a way that feels, for many people, like the first time they’ve really been heard and listened to.

Every day for 50 years, Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service has heard the emotions of our friends and neighbors. Emotions they may not be able to express elsewhere.

Teenagers call to find an honest and kind adult who listens. A mother calls worried about her child. A man who is dying needs to have difficult conversations with someone. A young person hearing voices is feeling scared. All these callers have a place to turn. And they all know that when they need help most, we'll be there for them.

We all know the pandemic has raised the stress levels in everyone’s life.

We see it in the dramatic increase in calls to our crisisline over the past two years.

People who temporarily found themselves out of work are still concerned about paying their bills. Parents remain anxious about changes in their children’s behavior because the kids were missing the socialization aspect of school. Senior citizens at increased risk of catching the virus are depressed because they’ve essentially been shut-ins for two years. Stores and businesses aren’t open like they were pre-pandemic and the lack of convenience is more stress for all of us.

 We all just want life to get back to normal and many of us just need someone to listen to us vent.

That's where the crisisline at Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service comes in.

And the healing power of listening.

We listen. We validate your experiences. We don’t fix and we don’t judge. We ask about values and options. And, of all our callers, we ask about thoughts of suicide because it is important to ask and because we know that talk can help.

Shelter from the storm...

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