The FreeThem Walk

We are lighting up the path to FreeTHEM

A fundraising campaign for Ramp Global Missions


We are here to light up the path to FREETHEM

In May of 2020 some modern day abolitionists will embark on the 902 mile journey on the underground railroad from Virginia to Western New York to raise awareness about the one of the most hidden crimes on the planet... SLAVERY!

Every human being has the right to be free.  We will take the journey of some human trafficking victims of the past like Harriet Tubman, Henry Box Brown, and William and Ellen Craft. They knew, that if anything was worth fighting for, FREEDOM was. 

Awareness unveils that which is hidden.  With every step the path to freedom for modern day slaves will get brighter, and human trafficking will no longer be able to thrive in our nation.

Modern Day abolitionists, it's time to rise!  It's time to speak for those whose voices are not being heard.  It's time to walk for those who are bound.  It's time to FreeTHEM... will you help?

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