Saving one animal at a time #BigGiveSA2018

24 hours of giving and lifesaving.Together we can save animals one at a time

A fundraising campaign for Under Savannas Wings Rescue

Named in Honor of Savanna Kindt, a young animal advocate who left this earth at too young an age. Savanna was an advocate for homeless animals from a very early age. She was known to have collected donations from her elementary school and neighbors to deliver to local shelters, she was a young foster, raised animals for show and was always doing what she could to love and care for all animals. As a teenager she continued her love, and was accepted into a Vet program for college so she could continue her life saving work into adulthood. Her young life was cut short when she was killed in an accident just after graduating high school.

Today we continue to care for and save animals in her honor. Savanna is inspiration that just one person can save so many. Our founders were volunteers at our local shelter and started Under Savannas Wings Rescue in 2015. It only takes one to start a movement and a second to stand up and follow.  

Your donations help provide urgent medical care needed to rehabilitate sick or injured animals. Preparing them to find loving fosters and permanent homes. Help us save them, one at a time. By volunteering, donating, fostering, adopting or sharing to help save the homeless animals you become a part of the USW family. One becomes many, one life becomes many lives.

Welcome to the family!

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About the Organization

Under Savannas Wings Rescue

USW Rescue is a 501c(3) non profit animal rescue based in Cibolo Texas. We are a volunteer group dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals within the Cibolo/Schertz and surrounding areas. Networking with other rescues, service dog assessment and training providers and transport organizations we work to find fosters and permanent homes for shelter animals. We promote responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of all animals. Formed in 2015 by 3 shelter volunteers and set up in honor of Savanna Kindt, a young animal advocate taken from our world just after high school graduation.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers who have a passion to speak for the abused, injured, abandoned animals left voiceless on the streets and in municipal shelters. With the help of others like you, we can and will continue the lifesaving work, one animal at a time.