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CAMPAIGN EXTENDED - Help us reach 100 donors! Show your affection with a donation. You'll be helping our students to feel the love ❤︎ from previous classes.

A fundraising campaign for Macaulay Honors College

What Do You ❤︎ About Macaulay?

This month we’re asking alumni to recall friends, roommates, advisors, professors or staff that made your time at Macaulay special—and to make a gift.  

Can You Give $14 Right Now?

Small Donations, Big Impact

It might seem inconsequential to give just a few dollars, but research indicates otherwise! A college with lots of caring, engaged graduates is more likely to have a healthy financial future. And we all want that for Macaulay. So we want to double the number of graduates who've given, no matter how much.

What You Can Do:

  • Make a small donation today—it’s easy. 
  • Ask someone in your Macaulay network to do the same.
  • Then share why you love Macaulay.

Where the Money Goes

Your gift powers the Opportunities Fund and helps students learn outside the classroom. CUNY makes sure our basic needs are met, but funds for study abroad or other opportunities come ENTIRELY from private donations. 

For more information please visit macaulay.cuny.edu or contact brianne.donnelly@mhc.cuny.edu.

We have our first donor!

January 30, 2018

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