TFL Emergency Community Feeding Program

"The certainty of hunger or the possibility of contracting the virus is not a choice that anyone should have to make." Join us as we support our communities.

A fundraising campaign for Teach For Liberia

"The certainty of hunger or the possibility of contracting the virus is not a choice that anyone should have to make," Desmond Diggs, Founder- Teach For Liberia, Inc.

In light of this, the Teach For Liberia team has partnered with our donors to design an intervention that supports our local communities in the fight against the pandemic. This pandemic will be an opportunity to exhibit our resolve as we show kindness, while demonstrating courage and optimism. Led by our fellows in rural communities, our strategy is to support 3,000 persons with an emergency community based feeding program. It will equip our beneficiaries with the tools they need to learn 

about the virus and its spread in Liberia, understand contextualized best practices to stop the viruses’ spread, and ensure that they can participate in social distancing and limited mobility measures without the fear of their families going without food to eat. We invite you to partner in this work and thank you for your ongoing support. Liberians have a history of persevering in spite of tough times. We have proven to be bigger than conflict, bigger than Ebola, and in time we will prove that we are  bigger than COVID-19. 

*Please note funds donated to this campaign will be restricted for use up to the campaign target. If you would like to support TFL's broader work please email us at for a direct link.

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About the Organization

Teach For Liberia’s (TFL) mission is to build the movement to expand educational opportunity by enlisting Liberia’s most promising future leaders.

Based on the highly successful Teach For America model, Teach For Liberia seeks to recruit high-performing, qualified young Liberian professionals and recent college graduates as teachers, implement training programs, and furnish schools and communities with the educational tools that are essential for the success of Liberia’s children. The ultimate goal is to implement a Teacher Corp that will address the shortage of qualified teachers in the country.