Support the Menger Springs Wildlife Fund

A fundraising campaign for Morningside Ministries

Situated on 43 acres in the Texas Hill Country, Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs is a vibrant senior living community full of activity -- but did you know that residents share their home at Menger Springs with all types of wildlife including deer, cats, raccoons, and birds?

This year, Menger Springs' campaign focuses on providing food and care to the animals who live and roam in the community. Funds raised in this campaign will be applied to the purchase of cat food, deer and bird feed, bird feeders, and other elements that will enhance the quality of life of the wildlife at Menger Springs.

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About the Organization

Morningside Ministries

Together we can help ensure that no elderly person in need goes without care. For over 50 years, Morningside Ministries has cared for older adults when they were no longer able to live on their own. We pledge that no resident will lose his or her home because of lack of resources. In 2016, Morningside gave $3 million in charity care to residents in need.