Giving Tuesday 2020

The Tails Medical Fund, Because Every Pet Deserves a Chance.

A fundraising campaign for Tails Humane Society

Tails Medical Fund...because every pet deserves a chance!


Your donation on Tuesday, 12/1 will go to the Tails Medical Fund which supports the most vulnerable animals cared for at Tails Humane Society. Tails cares for thousands of homeless animals each year. Unfortunately, not every animal that comes through our doors is healthy. Many are sick, injured or medically needy. Without the support of our compassionate community, we would not have the funds to care for them. Your donations today will help us, help them. The stories below are just two examples of the hundreds of animals who have benefited from Tails through the medical fund this year alone. 


Animals like Faith

When Tails rescued Faith earlier this year, she was living in deplorable conditions, pregnant and suffering from heartworm disease. She had even lost a leg after it had gotten stuck in a fence. Once she had found her way safely into a foster home, her bad luck continued and complications during birth landed her in the hospital for three days.

After a couple of months healing and raising her pups, Faith’s luck finally turned around and she was ready to find her forever home!

Caring for animals like Faith can be costly, but their grateful tail wags and happily-ever-after stories make it all worth it.


Stories Like Gina's

Remember Gina, the sweet puppy that stole our hearts earlier this year? Tails rescued this sweet 5 month old from a local shelter partner who had found her cold and alone, wandering the streets in the middle of a polar vortex. What made matters worse, is Gina was suffering from a horrible skin infection, she was covered in sores and had almost no fur to keep her warm.

The world had let Gina down, but we needed to give this sweet girl a second chance and prove to her that people could be kind.

After just a few months in a loving foster home, multiple vet visits, daily medicated baths and lots of TLC, Gina had blossomed into a healthy, happy girl who was finally ready to start her new life. Gina did not have to wait very long! She was quickly adopted by her forever family! 

Transformations like Gina's don't just fill our hearts with joy and make us proud of the life-saving work we do, they inspire us to save the lives of other homeless, sick and injured pets. 



Your donation today to the Tails Medical Fund will provide critical support for animals just like Gina, Faith and her puppies. Thank you for helping us save these precious lives!


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