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Since 2005, the GNWCA has brought over 300 shows to the North Country of NH showcasing a myriad of musical genres and talented performers!

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The GNWCA (Great North Woods Committee for the Arts)  is northern NH region's leading Performing Arts organization with over 300 shows to its credit. A 501(c)3 non-profit, the group has focused on preserving and promoting the arts in all its forms within the region and beyond. By using a variety of local venues, we support the local economy as well. 

The group has presented local, regional, national and inter-national talents over the past years covering a vast array of genres such as Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Scottish, World Experimental, Funk Fusion, Blues, Country and Pop. Such names as April Verch, Moya Brennen, Gothard Sisters, Loren Barringer & Mark Mezzengard, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour host Michael Johnathon, Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing, Montana Skies, Fullset, Don Roy Band,  Charlie A'Court, Calen, Katie McNally trio and many, many more have been brought to the Colebrook area.  The group has also presented stage productions such as  "Our Town", "Love Letters" and "It's a Wonderful Life" as well as its annual and very popular TUBA Christmas. Screen showings such as "In The Blood"  by Sumner McKane and Jay Craven's "Peter & John", "Disappearances" and "Northern Borders" have rounded out the diverse offerings. The GNWCA was represented at the East Coast Music Associations "Music Week" in Prince Edward Island, Canada for the past three years and recently became a founding member of World Trad Forum, based in Montreal, Ca.

 In July of 2015, the GNWCA opened an office space to provide information about upcoming and past events and to have literature on membership and sponsorship opportunities. The space is at 82 Main St. and resides within the footprint of the Colebrook Chronicle office. The GNWCA sign is outside the building, welcoming the opportunity to stop in and receive information on the group as well as events in surrounding areas.

The organization relies heavily on membership support, partner co-sponsorships from businesses and individuals and event attendees. The group offers many levels of these types of memberships/co-sponsorships to help defray the costs associated with presenting the events they bring to the area. In addition to venue rental costs,  the  group pays their performers and also provides meals & lodging along with other miscellaneous expenses.

About the Organization

Great North Woods Committee for the Arts

The Great North Woods Committee for the Arts has been in the forefront of bringing talented local, national and international performers to the northern areas of NH , enriching the lives of those within our communities. We are dedicated and passionate about what we do, and all of our efforts are done by a core group of volunteers who have brought over 300 events to the north country over the past eleven years. Your support will enable us to continue our mission.