Support the Care Fund

The Care Fund was established to help individuals who reside in the Hudson Valley and are in treatment for a urologic or gastrointestinal disease.

A fundraising campaign for Premier Cares Foundation, Inc.

Premier Cares Foundation is the only non-for-profit charity in the Hudson Valley who solely focuses on patients with urologic and digestive diseases. Partnering with Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and local community action agencies, our “Care” Fund helps financially-challenged urologic and gastrointestinal patients in the Hudson Valley to receive grants for items such as medication/medical equipment not covered by insurance, housing, transportation, utilities or other expenses at their time of need.  

We understand that a diagnoses can mean unplanned expenses that can cause extreme hardship. Premier Cares Foundation’s goal is to make sure that patients are assisted with their urgent needs, so that some of their stress can be alleviated.


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