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The Randolph School continues to build on its strong and timeless foundation.

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Living Our Mission, Every Day

The Randolph School was founded in 1963 on the principle of a child-centered educational environment.
Our founders wrote that "a genuine philosophy of education is essentially a philosophy of life; living and learning are interdependent conditions." Our teachers ensure that our students experience this every day.

Our archives hold a purple-lettered mimeographed page from Randolph's founding years stating that students will "learn through the use of the actual physical plant." Today that mission is more true than ever as our expanded outdoor curriculum utilizes the entire campus, from the gardens in the front to Hunter Creek at the back, and the imagination-rich playgrounds on both sides.

One of the founding principles of a Randolph School education is to "learn by experience." As the first students did, today's grow their food, build cities with wooden blocks, learn how to be part of a social group, and create incredible art works.

Today, 58 years later, we remain committed to our founders' mission: bringing innovative, progressive education to the Hudson Valley.
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