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College and Careers inspired by the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden!

A fundraising campaign for Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden

As a cultural institution, MVHM is in a unique position to help students gain college readiness skills such as reading comprehension, analysis, writing, relationship skills, and public speaking.  Many teens do not realize that occupations such as curators, historians, preservationists, conservators or archivists even exist. As stated by Rutgers University’s RU Ready for Work Program, two key elements needed to ensure students succeed in a career path are 1) the promotion of career awareness and college preparation and 2) providing work readiness skills. High school students need to connect their studies with their future.

We reach out to all New York City students. To ensure everyone is able to participate, help us offer stipends for students who depend on their summer earnings for the year. See what our interns have to say!

"I learned to use census data and primary sources in my presentation, and how best to tie in sources with an audience”

“….by researching through the many primary and secondary resources the museum has to offer, I was able to improve my research skills.”

“….I became much more comfortable (doing research) instead of being intimidated.”

Spending time in a work environment exposes students to a world they don’t see while in school.

"I learned a lot about being a curator and it ...was…the first time I’ve been exposed to that field…” 

“The new career I learned about that I am interested in is marketing director.”

“I learned a lot about what the development office in in charge of.”

I feel that giving the tour really helped me to improve my public speaking skills….it helped me get over issues I have with things such as stage fright.”

“At first I was not ready to speak in public.”


We were able to consistently practice our public speaking skills through various tours and other opportunities as well.”

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About the Organization

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden

The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden presents the period of the Mount Vernon Hotel which operated from 1826 until 1833.

Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house for a 23-acre estate, and converted into the Mount Vernon Hotel in 1826. This fashionable country resort was popular among New Yorkers who wished to escape the hustle and bustle of the city which at that time extended only as far north as 14th Street. The Hotel advertised itself as “free from the noise and dust of the public roads". In those days, one could take the stagecoach or steamboat up to 61st street and spend the day at the hotel sipping lemonade in the ladies parlor or playing cards in the gentlemen’s tavern.

Today the hotel is a museum and is open to the public and provides a variety of educational tours for schools. Though many of the furnishings are from the era, students have the opportunity to learn about life in the mid-1800's by handling reproductions in many of the period rooms. Mount Vernon acts as a window into the past with it's beautiful garden and preserved stone building.