Empower New Roots Teachers

Growing students for a just and sustainable future!

A fundraising campaign for New Roots Charter School

Community support for New Roots Charter School over the years has provided fertile ground for our young people to reach their full potential. 

Now in our eleventh year, we are fully realizing the vision expressed in our charter, which was recognized nationally in 2019 with a Best of Green Schools 2019 Transformation Award from the Green Schools National Network. As we see the rise of a global youth movement in response to climate change, we know that this good work is more important than ever.

In round numbers, New Roots spends half the money per pupil to educate a student population with twice the rates of financial and academic need as the district that we’re located in. That’s twice the need -- and half the funding.

So it’s friends like you, willing to lend a hand, that make the very best things happen for our students. You put the icing on the cake, and the wind under the wings of the hard-working educators that seek to help their students soar! Coming off the heels of a successful Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser where we raised over $963.02, we created a fund that teachers can request money for classroom supplies, classroom activities, and field trips. Would you be willing to donate to this fund to help Empower New Roots Teachers?

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About the Organization

New Roots Charter School

New Roots Charter School is a center of innovation for 21st-century students, preparing students for the next level of education at 4-year universities, by empowering entrepreneurial thinking using social and environmental sustainability as a lens for education. Accountability of all students thrives with opportunities for leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork, experiential and community-based learning.

Identified as a leader in sustainability education by the Green Schools National Network, New Roots Charter School depends on community support to maximize learning opportunities that inspire young people in finding their life’s work and passion.

New Roots Charter School prepares a diverse student body to meet the challenges of citizenship, work, and life-long learning in the 21st century. Our interdisciplinary academic program features hands-on, community-based learning that supports students in solving real-world problems. New Roots Charter School students earn a Regents diploma and demonstrate readiness for higher education by earning college credit and...

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