Support Inviolate As We Enter our Third Year

Inviolate was founded just months before the pandemic. We've persisted, and so has demand for our services. Please show your support today.

A fundraising campaign for Inviolate Initiative - a project of CTA

Inviolate is a force for service and progress, and we exist where mental health rights meet immigrants’ rights. 

Inviolate was founded just months before the pandemic started, and our group is still around, which in itself feels like a sign of our adaptability. It hasn't been easy, but Inviolate is still here and growing. We crossed our two-year anniversary in June 2021, still hearing of the stark need for our services and our singularity as an organization. At Inviolate we’re not afraid to admit that we live with anxiety from all the ruptures we’ve seen in our worlds. But we’re also not afraid to say that we’ll keep trying, as best we can.

And so we continue.

Inviolate's impact is at the levels of individual, community, and system. On the individual level, Inviolate connects immigrants with culturally sensitive mental health professionals for psychological evaluations that are needed for their immigration cases. On the community level, we deliver workshops and seminars for mental health professionals on immigration evaluations. And we participate in systemic litigation regarding immigration laws, in conjunction with aligned groups.  

Inviolate's Impact at the Individual Level

We continue to expand access to psychological evaluations for immigrant survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking in time-sensitive cases involving applications for

  • Asylum,
  • Relief under the Violence Against Women Act (I-360 Self-Petition, I-751 Waiver, 42B Special Rule Cancellation),
  • U visas (for survivors of certain qualifying crimes), and
  • T visas (for survivors of trafficking).

In many of our cases the deadlines have been so tight that Inviolate has needed to confirm an evaluator within 24-48 hours to ensure the evaluation could get done with enough time for everyone involved.

And time and again, Inviolate has continued, and Inviolate has delivered.

For immigrant survivors who are Indigenous; queer; children under 10--Inviolate has continued, and has delivered. For our Spanish-speaking applicants for asylum or U visas who survived domestic abuse, for the woman who asks for a woman mental health professional to provide the psychological evaluation in their shared native language--Inviolate continues, and delivers. 

To give you a sense of the variety of cases in which we’ve made it possible for immigrant survivors to receive psychological evaluations:

Inviolate's Impact at the Community Level

In addition to the evaluations themselves, we provide written resources in English and Spanish for clients, clinicians and attorneys regarding psychological evaluations in the immigration context. We also provide seminars and workshops on best practices for immigration psychological evaluations. These services help us grow the network of professionals collaborating to advance immigrants' rights and mental health rights.

Inviolate's Impact at the Systemic Level

Inviolate's legal advocacy for immigrant survivors extends to systemic litigation, with our contributions to amicus briefs, including before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Most of Inviolate's existence to date has been during the pandemic--under emergent, unprecedented circumstances of limitation. And still our impact is felt across the individual, community, and systemic levels.

We know how to make the most of limited resources, accept moments of non-linear growth, and persist through humbling challenges. We launch our fundraiser in this continuing spirit of self-knowledge, acceptance, and persistence.

With your support Inviolate can continue to grow our impact across all levels: providing more psychological evaluations and strengthening more survivors' immigration cases; building our network of evaluators and providing educational materials on immigration psychological evaluations; and participating in more systemic litigation.

Please give to Inviolate today in any amount that feels right for you. 

With gratitude,

The Team at Inviolate

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About the Organization

Inviolate Initiative - a project of CTA

Inviolate Initiative is a project of the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by governing laws.

Inviolate expands access to psychological evaluations in the context of the immigration cases of survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking. Your contribution strengthens survivors’ access to legal victory and mental health as they seek lawful U.S. immigration status. Our mission is to connect immigrant survivors to all of their own power, agency, and possibility as they heal from the cruelty they have suffered, and as they move beyond to continue building their own lives, on their own terms.