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On Giving Tuesday and every day, you can support equal access to medical & holistic health care at our free clinic, financial assistance and education programs

A fundraising campaign for Ithaca Free Clinic

Health Care is a Human Right
There is so much more to accessing health care than you might think. At Ithaca Health Alliance, we strive to find and fill the gaps.

Whether that means helping someone face their medical debt, get care for acute or chronic illness through services their insurance doesn't cover and that they could never afford otherwise, or feel good about getting information about health conditions and health care modalities, the Alliance is community members working together so that we can all benefit. 

Board President Kelly White says, "I got involved because I view myself as a potential patient in need of the safety net. I feel good knowing that there is this option in the community for people, including me and my family."  

Health insurance≠Health care

Think that everyone's covered by Obamacare? That no one can go bankrupt due to health care expenses? That medical care covered by insurance can cure every ill? Tompkins County has some of the highest premiums in the country. Many working  people newly eligible under Obamacare are still finding that they have to choose between food, rent, and health care, and the Ithaca Health Alliance is where they can come to find out how to access medical and holistic health care and health information.
With the help of your donations, Ithaca Health Alliance will promote access to the health care and health information community residents need and address the barriers to that access.

Your gift directly supports health care, self-care and health literacy. Every ONE dollar donated becomes FIVE dollars worth of services. We are all Health Allies, please donate today!

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About the Organization

The Ithaca Health Alliance fulfills its mission to facilitate access to health care for all - with a focus on the needs of the uninsured and under-insured - by providing free integrated medical care and medically related support services through the operation of the Ithaca Free Clinic.

The Ithaca Free Clinic provides primary and complementary health care, financial advocacy and assistance, employment physicals, health education, Medicaid insurance navigation, on-site diagnostic testing and support through the Ithaca Health Fund, and case managed Chronic Care services. All health care services are free.

Founded in 1997, the Ithaca Health Alliance is celebrating 21 years of active service to our community. The Ithaca Free Clinic opened in 2006 and is now in its 13th year of operation. Since our founding, we have used the contributions of our community to create a sustainable model of community-oriented, community-driven solutions to the ongoing healthcare crisis.

Your donations support a mission driven corp of community volunteers who share their time and talents so that...

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