Support Homeless Veterans and Their Families

A fundraising campaign for Veterans Christian Network

"13% of the homeless are veterans = 1,100 veterans on Illinois streets on any given night""Women veterans (often with children) are fastest growing demographic.

Veterans Christian Network was founded because we have seen a lot of our veterans and their families homeless, or needing some sort of support for paying their bills, rent, car payments/insurance, car repairs, or some sort of a problem, because the loss of a job, or because they are having health problems.

13% of the homeless are veterans = 1,100 veterans on Illinois streets on any given night, Women veterans (often with children) are fastest growing demographic in the homeless community. These are the ones Veterans Christian Network is focused on supporting. Our veterans have gone to battle for us, and then they come home, but the combat they have seen they are still fighting which causes them to start having problems learning how to adjust back to life at home and causes them to turn to drugs and alcohol, in and out of trouble with the law, and they become homeless.

 That is what Veterans Christian Network is here to help them with, and get them off the streets of Illinois, into treatment, and give them counseling they so badly are in need of. We will help them to find a new home to live, help them to pay their monthly rent, and utility bills until they are able to support themselves again.   

Veterans Christian Network is working to build a veterans only tiny house community for the veterans and families, active military, and the families of deployed troops. At this time we are helping two veterans with a family, one of which has a 1 year old son, and his wife is 7 and a half months pregnant and we are trying to give both families a new tiny home. The one below is the largest one that can handle these families. 

This two homes will be the first of many to come, we are working to build the largest tiny house community in the country, and with your help we will be able to achieve our goals. The battle for these veterans is not over, and we all need to pull together to help them through the transition back to civilian life. We count on them, now it's time for them to count on us.  Please donate to be a part of this community to help all our veterans. 

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