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Just so that you are aware of who we do intend on helping with this community it will be all veterans and their families, and we will be assisting non-veterans.

        Just so that you are aware of who we do intend on helping with this community it will be all veterans and their families, and we do intend on assisting non-veterans as well within these communities throughout the state of Illinois. With our planned communities we will plan to help no less than 6,000 homeless veterans, their families, and assistants to non-veterans. At this event we are wanting your input on how to make these communities better, and for your support of these communities. The reason why we decided to take on this project is because we are aware of the veterans and non-veterans that are homeless in the State of Illinois and we are wishing to assist the state with this problem, but our main focus is on helping the veterans.

         The homelessness problem affects everyone in the State and that is the reason why we have sent this message to all the politicians across the State of Illinois, because homelessness affects every city across this great state. We wish to give a solution to this problem and offer a fully developed plan to build tiny home communities throughout the state to assist with this problem. I personally have spoken with many congressmen, and congresswomen about this problem and they all agree with our organization that homelessness is a problem and the state does need assistants with this problem.

           This is why Veterans Christian Network was founded, to tackle this problem head-on, and hopefully be able to provide a solution to the problem, with the support from the State of Illinois. If you wish to see more about our plans to help with this problem, please attend this event to give us your support and your ideas to help us to help the state with this problem. These veterans where willing to give their life’s for our country, and some of them have seen the worse the world has to offer, then they come home to their own country and they do not receive the help they need then they end up in the worse position in life and our own country turns their back on them. Our organization is trying to change that and we want to change many other things as well. We need to focus on helping our veterans and their families first, and that is why we are having this event. Join us to help homeless veterans, their families, and homeless non-veterans.  

United States Army Veterans

November 26, 2018

Because of your donations we have been able to assist two veterans with legal fees, and another with a driver license suspension and new tags for their truck. We had been able to assist another veteran with 2 new tires and repaired the front end of his car before the front tires did fall off while driving. Your help has already given these veterans some of the help they are needing.

   We are still needing your help for other veterans and their families. Thank you again for your donations.

Thank you,

Veterans Christian Network 

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