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Please help us respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis!

A fundraising campaign for CommunityHealth

Chicago is experiencing a significant increase in migrant arrivals. It is estimated that more than 10,000 people have been bused/flown to Chicago from border states since 8/31/22, with around 4,000 of those individuals arriving over the past couple of months alone. This has resulted in an unprecedented event where nearly 1,000 people are expected to be sleeping in police stations across the city by Memorial Day. The city is setting up temporary respite centers meant to house individuals for less than 30 days before finding more permanent housing or shelter beds.

After a long journey to reach the United States, and another from the border to Chicago, these families continue to face hardship at these makeshift shelters, as well. Access to showers is limited, and many have only the clothes on their backs. Food supplies are often limited to military grade ready-to-eat meals, and hygiene supplies (including diapers and wipes) are difficult to come by. Parents and children are sleeping on cots at best, but also on air mattresses and yoga mats on the floor. The City of Chicago and local social service agencies are under intense strain as they coordinate efforts to assist these asylum-seekers.

CommunityHealth is stepping up to serve these individuals and families. On May 25, we began sending a small group of volunteers and staff to police stations to offer health screenings for adults who are housed there. Individuals housed in a shelters near our clinic locations are being brought in for follow-up appointments to provide more complete medical care and chronic condition management. We are also distributing hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, menstrual products, cleansing wipes, etc.) whenever possible.

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