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Award-winning nonprofit journalism, world-class writing seminars, and a community of veterans AND civilians determined to contextualize Post-9/11 conflict.

A fundraising campaign for The War Horse

Our nonprofit newsroom was funded on Kickstarter in 2016 when 550 donors supported us with $53,300 in donations. 

Within our first year of publishing, our reporting changed military law and sparked congressional and federal investigations into pandemic sexual exploitation throughout the Defense Department. The War Horse hosted our first writing seminar at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism alongside the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, and will be expanding our programs to include Boulder Crest Retreat and the Carey Institute for Global Good.

Since our successful Kickstarter campaign 18 months ago, we've received grants from leading philanthropic foundations in both the journalism and veteran advocacy spaces. Our team has grown to include an Editorial Director and Chief Operations Officer. Your donations to this campaign will help us hire our Director of Development and enable us to work with more journalists to begin producing captivating stories about war and trauma more frequently. 

Our team publishes fact-based, public service journalism on behalf of more than 4 million Post-9/11 veterans, their families, and our fellow citizens. The War Horse is the only military and veteran-focused newsroom to co-publish with Vanity Fair and Center for Investigative Reporting. 

Every $1 you donate is worth $3, thanks to matching donations from News Match partners and a private donor. Thank you for your generosity. 

A Medal of Honor Recipient's Story of Recovery

Kyle Carpenter jumped on an enemy grenade in Afghanistan and lived to share his story with The War Horse team. He described our short documentary and written feature as "raw, emotionally charged and captivating, just like my recovery. I’ve never seen my story told with such detail and accuracy.

"I’ll forever be thankful and appreciative that I have this story to help share my journey.” 

* * *

By donating to support The War Horse newsroom you are empowering our team to build a sustainable business and to develop writers and their stories. 

Reporting On Gender and Sex Crimes In Uniform

The War Horse's exclusive investigation into Marines United revealed online sexual exploitation and harassment and led to congressional and federal investigations that have changed military law. The revelations sparked global debate on gender discrimination and non-consensual pornography, giving voice to countless survivors of sexual exploitation and assault—both military and civilian.

This investigation was seen by billions of people and covered by every major worldwide news outlet.

* * *

By donating to support our Trauma Reporting Unit, you help our nonprofit newsroom hold the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs accountable.

World Class Writing Seminars
for Veterans and Military Families

The War Horse co-hosted a five-day writing seminar at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism that brought together leading military reporters, veteran advocates, nonprofit leaders, and educators to mentor 15 Post-9/11 veterans and family members—more than half of whom were women—and to help them share their stories of war and trauma. Future seminars will be hosted in partnership with the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Boulder Crest Retreat and the Carey Institute for Global Good.

* * *

Your support of our Writing Seminars helps our newsroom teach and mentor the next generation of military reporters, and to publish their stories.

Showcasing Veterans Adding Value

The Veterans Adding Value series was made possible through a generous grant from the Schultz Family Foundation. The ongoing series highlights veterans transitioning and excelling in academia, social impact, and entrepreneurship. 

* * *

Your support of Veterans Adding Value helps our newsroom challenge the "broken" veteran stereotype and to bridge the military and civilian divide through storytelling. 

The Sustainable Future of The War Horse Is Within Reach

War impacts us all. The U.S. Government spends nearly $800 billion annually on defense and veteran affairs, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the U.S budget. Yet investigative journalism about military and veterans issues makes up less than five percent of all news coverage. 

That's where you come in; the positive impact we can share together is timeless. 

Semper Fidelis,
The War Horse Team

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About the Organization

The War Horse was founded in 2016 thanks to more than 500 Kickstarter donors who believed in the power and importance of serious journalism. Over the last two years, we’ve seen that demand for storytelling about the Forever War is far greater than we’d anticipated. It’s the support of generous donors like you and the funding of initiatives like NewsMatch that have helped make work like ours possible—fearless journalism that educates the public about the U.S. military, war, and its impact.