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Who we are

Block Club Chicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news organization dedicated to delivering reliable,
relevant and nonpartisan coverage of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods.

We believe all neighborhoods deserve to be covered in a meaningful way. We amplify positive
stories, cover development and local school council meetings and serve as watchdogs in
neighborhoods often ostracized by traditional news media.

Ground-level coverage

Our neighborhood-based reporters don’t parachute in once to cover a story. They are in the
neighborhoods they cover every day building relationships over time with neighbors. We believe this
ground-level approach not only builds community but leads to a more accurate portrayal of a

Stories that matter to you — every day

Since our launch two years ago, we've published more than 15,000 stories from the neighborhoods, 
covered hundreds of community meetings and sent a morning and coronavirus newsletter to more 
than 100,000 Chicagoans daily. 

We've built this loyalty by proving to folks we are not only covering their neighborhoods, we are a 
part of them. 

Some of us have internalized the national media's narrative of a broken Chicago. We aim to change
that by celebrating our neighborhoods and chronicling the resilience of the people who fight every day
to make Chicago a better place for all.

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