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A fundraising campaign for Stand Up Louisville

#BLMLouisville is that fusion for #BlackLouisville to build and rise up in our different positions & affirm that #AllBlackLivesMatter.

When Black Lives are under attack: WHAT DO WE DO?



And we've been fighting in more ways than one! Movement work is one of the most courageous paths to transformation. It is rapid. It is harsh. It is loving and full of grace all at the same time.  

This past year we've been up against a lot more than before. #BlueLivesMatter became a bill and with it solidified Kentucky's legislation against Black Lives. 

JCPS looming state take over is taking place. 

Racists have become emboldened in this first year of Trump and have sought to interrupt our lives in a plethora of ways. 

We've made sure that we stand tall during all of it. We've empowered many along the way:

  • Faced legislators against several bills to oppress Black and Brown folk at the local and state level.
  • Joined in solidarity across movements for resistance against this state and national government built on fascism.
  • Created actions that lifted resistance and supported #BlackLouisville & #WestLouisville
  • Held political education and training for community and accomplices; including Emergent Strategy
  • DEMANDING that LMPD take down the photos of #CoreyBoykin's dead body off their social media sites (FB and Twitter) 
  • Supported community members who were houseless, homeless and in need of hope.
  • Created the Louisville Community Bail Fund to help those in jail because of bail. This was a cap on the ongoing work that we do to support those reentering the community.
  • Strengthened our Healing Team that now includes a racial trauma clinic (Call 502-792-7011 for the Mae Street program)
  • Co-organizer Greg King has created a bi-monthly concert series to assist People's Acupuncture and the BLM Healing Team.
  • Team members have assisted some movement response needs from Boston to Houston.
  • DEMANDING SRO's are removed from JCPS


We've also been receptive to the outpouring of self care for us and how that can be mirrored in impacted communities. We want to thank all of you who have donated to the Self Care Fund and provided much needed self care time for our organizers. 

We have so much planned for the future like:

  • Funding organizers needs (including regular stipends...)
  • Funding community members in their crisis
  • Rolling out, with full support (including personal centered support) the Louisville Community Bail Fund; a bail fund with the National Bail Fund Network
  • Strengthening and empowering our community education programs and events
  • ...and wherever resistance takes us!

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About the Organization

Stand Up Sundays is a community building coalition & space to combat factors in opposition to #BlackLivesMatter. However, we, as well as the entire social justice community in Louisville, KY, work everyday through our programming to combat violence by educating, informing and training our community about the systemic issues that plague us.

We make sure that we address and agitate those at the policy level (making the city accountable and calling on transparency from local/state government), showing up and showing out (protesting), or providing programming that fuels our community with the tools they need to make peace with their neighbors; grassroots initiatives of to build the change we want to see. We invite those within the community to join us in building a larger coalition to achieve these goals. We invite those from the social justice community to join us as we condemn the attack of black bodies, minds, and spirit. We call on you to assist in the liberation of all people by the liberation of black lives.

We are currently provide crisis relief, operate a Community Bail...

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