Summer Runnin'

Had me a Blast

A fundraising event for Caspar Gregory Camp Inc.

Event Information

12:00pm Friday, April 23, 2021 to 12:00pm Friday, June 04, 2021

Summer runnin' had me a blast,

Summer runnin' happened so fast.

I met some friends crazy for me,

Met Camp Gregory, cute as can be!

I know...it’s hard to stop singing the rest of this but…

Have you heard of CAMP GREGORY?

Did you answer no? Or did you answer yes?

Either way, let me:


Camp Caspar Gregory is an outstanding campground right off the eastside shore of beautiful Cayuga Lake. A short distance from Long Point State Park and only 20 miles from gorgeous Ithaca NY. Camp Gregory is a very versatile area. Not only does it provide fun week-long summer camps to strengthen the connection of nature with our youth. It is also available to rent and help families have an affordable get-a-way (not too far away) to reconnect with loved ones and appreciate the outdoors. Camp Gregory is an incredible local hidden gem that needs to resurface and shine! We are asking for your help!

Summer Runnin’ is a FuN-RUN and a FuNd-RAISER! It is an ideal chance to get out of that Corna-Coma and become a Happy Camper! 

First of all, this FuNd-raiser is completely virtual to ensure everyone's comfort and safety. It was created to encourage people to get into the fresh air and start feeling enthusiastic about nature, health and our community. The challenges included within this FuN-RUN are as follows: 

1 mile FuN, 5K FuN, or 10K FuN. 


But if that’s still not enough FuN because you are hoping to include your friends on this adventure or challenge yourself to the extremes, we are offering the following:

TeaM 21K FuN or TeaM 42K FuN.

Camp Gregory’s goal is to get everyone outside and enjoy the fresh air. If you want to get involved and help here are the steps:

Step 1: Sign up for the challenge of your choice and decide what your FuN is. Maybe it’s walking, hiking, running, biking, roller skating and/or skipping - the choice is up to you! 

Step 2: Sign up, donate, and share!

Step 3: Complete the challenge you set for yourself and virtually bring us along for the ride. Post updates on our #GregoryisGorges social media page. We will encourage and support you every step of the way. 

All the FuNd’s raised go directly to Camp Gregory! 

Camp Greogry will create new activities for campers to enjoy for generations to come and make campus upgrades. Camp Gregory will also create scholarship opportunities for future happy campers. 

By getting involved you will be helping raise Camp Gregory awareness.

While the FuN is happening we will “Tell you more, Tell you more” about Camp Gregory and hopefully have you running at the first opportunity to be our welcomed guests!

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About the Organization

Caspar Gregory Camp Inc.

Camp Gregory was founded by the Reverend Caspar Gregory in 1941. Originally, the camp was supported by the Wider Parish of Churches in Southern Cayuga County; today, Camp Caspar Gregory, Inc. is a non-profit organization which serves children and adults primarily from the Central New York Region.

Our mission is to opportunities for campers to live and work together in nature, to experience the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental dimensions in life. While an overnight and day youth camp for 4-5 weeks each summer, we rent out Camp Gregory’s facilities during open weeks in the season from May-October.