Stronger With Sterling

If ever there was a time for Sterling College, it is now.

A fundraising campaign for Sterling College

If ever there was a "Working Hands. Working Minds." moment, this is it

Sterling is facing challenges that are unprecedented, and in the face of the pandemic, out of our hands

We need your support before June 30 to meet our obligations to the students, faculty, and staff—the people that make Sterling the working and learning community in which you believe. 

In recent weeks, the College has built a model to better understand the impact of the pandemic on Sterling’s operations. This model shows that in order to navigate the next few months while providing a rich educational experience and ensure generous financial aid packages for students in the fall semester, the need for philanthropy is critical to withstand the effects of COVID-19.

Greed and waste—seizure of Earth’s natural assets—are mortgaging our planet and contributing to a rapidly growing debt that this and future generations will be unable to repay unless we act. Climate change, biodiversity loss, promotion of harmful agricultural practices, and now COVID-19 are defining issues for humanity because they are the global effects of humanity’s estrangement from nature, community, and place.

What we do in the next few years to restore our connection with nature, establish a regenerative food system, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels will determine how we survive the future.

This College, your college, is well positioned for times like these in which students seek knowledge and skills that lead to greater self-reliance and community resilience. A cause worthy of your support.

Sterling College has always valued community. It is this love that has inspired our alumni and students to sew face masks for essential workers, open their restaurants as community meal sites, grow food for an increasing number of CSA customers, research the virus and develop its vaccine, and take care of neighbors. We are so moved by all of their efforts. And now we are asking for help from our community. From you.

At this time when Sterling’s work is more critical than ever, above-and-beyond assistance from our closest friends and partners is essential. Please, join me.

With gratitude,

Christina Goodwin ‘02

Dean of Advancement & Alumni Relations

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May 13, 2020

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As Ned Houston said, Sterling doesn't require the biggest angels in the world, moderate angels will do!

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